About Me


I have always enjoyed rhythm from an early age. Initially tapping along to music in the car, air drumming to Bon Jovi songs and watching great drummers perform, I realised that drums were the instrument for me.


My parents bought me my first drum kit when I was 10 and I was soon to learn that drums would be a lifelong passion.


Since then I have had private one to one tuition for 8 years, progressing forward in all areas of my drumming development such as reading music, learning new styles and improving on my feel and sound, as well as taking graded Guildhall examinations.


I had joined my schools wind, jazz and rock band as well as performing in a marching band and setting up my own group with friends.

I played a vast amount of gigs and concerts in all these bands playing in front of audiences of up to 2000 people. I have also had the experience of playing and performing with the Royal Marines and Army bands.


When I was 18 I went onto study at the ACM (Academy of Contemporary Music) in Guildford and had the privilege of studying with some of the top drum tutors and drummers in the country including Mike Sturgis, Paul Elliot, Pete Riley, Stu Roberts and Thomas Lang.